Services Offered:

  • Architectural Gilding.

  • Exterior & Interior Architectural gilding.

  • Gilded Pillar.

  • Gilded Armchair and Frame.

  • Gilding Restoration.

  • 24 KT Real gold leaf.

  • Artists specializing in gold leafing.

  • Gilding On Glass.

  • Restoration and Conservation of Antiques and Artifacts.

  • Architectural Gilding Indoors and Outdoors Palace.

  • Specialists in the field of Gold Leafing.

  • Conservation and Restoration.

  • Gilding, Gold leafing, Water gilding, Antique Conservation, Gilding Education.

  • Gilding on Frame Fabrication & Conservation.

  • Large-Scale gilding for Royal Palace.

  • Our clients are  Museums, Galleries, Historic Homes, Universities, Government Agencies, Architectural and Interior Design Firms,

  • Gilding on Religious Places.


TGLS Types of  Leafing (Gilding) Finish.

1. Real 24 Carat Royal Gold Leafing. (Exclusive for Royal Families)
2. Gold Leafing.
3. Champagne Leafing.
4. Copper Leafing
5. Silver Leafing.
6. Aluminium Leafing.
7. Gold leafing for Iskcon Temples.
8. Antique Gold leafing On Sculpture And Wooden Panel.
9. Antique Silver Leafing On Furniture.
10. Antique Gold Leafing On Ceiling.
11. Antique Leafing.
12.Gold & Silver leafing on Temples.
13. Real 24 Carat Gold Leafing In Bungalows.
14. Gold leafing On Marble Kiblah.
15. Artistic work of 24K Gold & Champagne Leafing.
16. Antique Gold Leafing on Puffy.
17. Antique Leafing and other customized Metal Leafing Finishes.