Gold Leafing (Gilding) Service in Mumbai India by Shehzad Khan.

The Gold Leafing Studio Mumbai

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Mr. Shehzad Khan CEO The Gold Leafing Studio
Mr. Shehzad Khan – Gold Leafing Designer

In Leafing you can obtain two patterns – brick and crackled. The identity of leafing is its wrinkles and squares. All foils are first cut into a square of 4 * 4 and then placed, the joints of which are visible if observed closely. It is our wish to make leafing (Gilding) affordable for all and at the same bring out it competence to make a small little object stand out from the rest. ‘Shehzad Promises.

Gold Leafing on Mirror Frame
Gold Leafing on Mirror Frame

Though a very ancient art, leafing has found its way in homes just recently. It Can be used to high list a particular area in the drawing room or make your guests feel royal being served in gold leafed crockery. A process that involves immense labour and expertise, leafing being offered by The Gold Leafing Studio Worli Mumbai India.


Gilding Services:

  • Gold Leaf Work
  • Real 24 Carat Gold Leafing Service
  • Silver Leafing
  • Synthetic Gold Leafing
  • Goldleafing
  • Champagne Leafing
  • Bronze Leafing
  • Copper Leafing
  • Antique Leafing
  • Metal Leafing
  • Leafing Services
  • Architectural Gilding (Goldleafing)
  • Water Gilding
  • Mercury Gilding
  • Traditional Art of Gilding
  • Oil Gilding
  • Genuine Gold Leaf Gilding Service
  • Gold Leaf Service

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Certified 24 Karat Gold Leafing (Gilding)

The Origin Of TGLS / Shehzad Khan

Evolved 75 years ago from house of Pink City International, we have graduated in various dimensions with the changing trends in commerce and art.

Silver Leafing in Ireland
The Golden Era

Today as we speak TGLS (The Gold Leafing Studio) is an independent entity, shaping into a Corporate Household of Ace Artisans, that are well bred and polished.

TGLS Logo Final
The Gold Leafing Studio Mumbai India


Our ethics are traditional but our sesibilities are dynamic, belonging to service sector in the fashion, luxury and lifestyle brackets. The Gold Leafing Studio has categorized our unique art of Gilding art form into various products categories and segments.

TGLS Shehzad Khan Finest Gold Leaf Designer In Mumbai India
Shehzad Khan – Gold Leafing Designer

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