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Copper Leafing in Mumbai

Gold & Silver Leafing (Gilding) is a rare Indian art brought down through the ages and pioneered by ” Pink City International ” – the only organization proud to be associated with generations of artisans from Jaipur who have transformed many a structures, artic rafts, interiors and exteriors with royal gold touch and princely silver.

Our web site caters detailed information on the process of Gold, Silver, Copper & Antique Leafing, popularly also known as Gilding. With 60 years experience tucked in our belts and numerous feathers in our cap, you will find us to be the solitary artists bearing the torch of this enterprise.

The Beginning:Artifacts Of Silver And Gold Leafing in India By TGLS.JPGGilding in Mandir in Mumbai India by TGLS.JPGGilding In New Delhi India.JPGTGLS Best Gilding Services in India.JPG


In the eighteenth century, when India was adorned with the aesthetic touch of Rajas and Maharajas, their passion, power and pursuit of self identification led the landscape to become immortal in Gold & Silver relics.

Our fore fathers then had gathered the knowledge, the expertise and developed the art of Leafing (Gilding) in Gold & Silver and had weaved the dreams of the aristocrats into historic reality. The most exquisite and varied accomplishments of our fore fathers right through four generations are:

This millennium we are well known as PINK CITY INTERNATIONAL. Under this organization we have sophistically achieved in making modern India relish with glittery touch of our heritage. We are proud that the boundaries of our forefathers limited to temples, mosque & gurudwaras has been now broadened to many other sectors by this present organization namely:
Hotel Industry
Corporate business houses
Film industry
Art galleries
Retail outlets etc.

We are also manufacturers of Gold & Silver Leaves from 24-Carat Swiss gold biscuits and 99.999% silver bars. The Edible Gold & Silver Leaves are used not only for decorative purposes but also in the following applications:

Dry fruits
Traditional Dishes
Future Outlook:
Stepping on the staircase of the future, the sky is certainly the limit. Against, all odds and negative propaganda, we like to make it very clear that the art is genuinely very inexpensive and comes at an affordable price for people of all classes. YES! We are ready to render our services in Leafing (Gilding) right from a pin to an aeroplane.
We plan to broaden the vistas of our horizon as we are now fully geared up to explore research and expand our services to overseas. We are scientifically and professionally well equipped to penetrate the iron curtain and make people see Gold with Silver lining off our sleeves.

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